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loving dog parent, Moira

There are so many people out there grieving over their pets passing. It's so needed, something like this. I often think of Mischa when I am meditating and know that his spirit is still with me. I took my time working through it all and did this over three weeks. This is a wonderful tool for people - it will be an enormous help for those grieving. I will highly recommend this. Bless you!

Moira (on "Life After My Dog")

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Hypnosis and Parenting

Happier Kids, United Families and an Easier Life for You?Hypnosis and Parenting helps parents understand how the mind works, and presents 13 simple, active exercises you can use every day. By learning the power of Words, Perceptions & Feelings, and the Imagination, you can transform yourself from a Parent to a HypnoParent, encouraging better communication, greater understand, and providing deeper insight into the motivations, dynamics and abilities of your child. You'll be surprised and delighted how conflicts disappear and problems fade away for good..

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Life After My Dog

True dog parents have been touched by a deep bond of love and caring which doesn't end, even when your dog is no longer with you. But how do you move on? How do you value your need to continue living and to begin to build up a life of meaning on your own, while still respecting the memory of your friend? This book presents ideas on how to exercise your right to grieve after the loss of your dog, and do so in a way that can support you in moving through this part of your life as gently and gracefully as possible. The exercises in this book have been created to help you learn the skills and tools you need, right now, in your time of grief.

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