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One-to-One Sessions
for Positive Change

Imagine if tomorrow you woke up and events and relationships around you were better, more fulfilling and more successful than ever before.

From in-office visits to the more popular online option, there's a solution to the challenges you face right now. We're here to make your work, play, relationships and life better.

Take a look at packages that can support you now

If you are seeking to quickly move past any blocks in your life and resolving issues at their root, I highly recommend giving Jennifer a call. 


Want a good day?

Have you ever had days when nothing seems to go right – missing the bus, spilling coffee on your shirt, meeting “the worst” taxi driver, waitress, or colleague, crashing the hard drive, missing an email… the list could go on.

Have you also had a day where everything in the world seems to be conspiring to make it the best possible one – everyone you meet is smiling or friendly, the perfect assignment comes in or gets approved, an old friend calls up, a refund comes in the mail… extraordinary.

Wouldn’t it be nice to have every day as a good, no, a great day?

you can change your bad days with the subconscious

Hypnosis supports change

People come to hypnotherapists for a variety of issues. Some of the most popular services that we deal with are: Behavior/habit change (weight loss, stop smoking, alcohol control, nail biting, disorganization etc.)
Stress Reduction (sleep, constant worry, despair, panic, chronic physical reactions)
Learning (memory, test taking, spelling, mental blocks etc.)
Emotional Challenges (anger, sadness, jealousy, grief, frustration, worry, repetitive emotional patterns)
Work (success, focus, job change, creativity, teamwork)
Fears (flying, heights, public speaking etc.)
Relationships (trust/repair, children, aging parents, friendships, sexual issues etc.)
Sports/Health (fitness, confidence, skills development, concentration, competition, motivation)
Corporate/Executive Services
Pandemic-related Issues
(social reintegration, grief, ‘lost’ time, family issues, stress, support with long-COVID symptoms) and more

Issues that are medically related (pain, chronic, migraines, arthritis/joint pain, healing, skin conditions) require a medical professional’s referral – hypnosis works with the medical community, not against it.

How to get started...

Step 1: Choose Your Package 

We have a number of series of sessions that seem to be popular and effective. Find the one that may work best for you at this time. You'll be transferred to a booking page where you can select your first session date and time.

Step 2: A Few Admin Tasks 

If you're a new client, there is a form you'll need to fill out and send to me before the session. If you're returning - welcome back - the system is shifting so you might get a form too (ignore it). Watch the videos to help you prep.

Step 3: Prep for Your  Session 

There's nothing for you to work on before our session; just make sure you're in a safe place where you can close your eyes undisturbed for some time. Good internet and headphones are sometimes helpful.

Are Online Sessions Effective? Yes!

Jennifer has been serving clients around the world online for many years - the pandemic has just made it an easier option for many. In the comfort of your own surroundings, no commute... as long as you have an internet connection and a safe space to be, hypnosis online is as, or more, effective as in-office visits. Now you have options!

Schedule Online Sessions now!

Wouldn't your day be better with your mind on your side?

Emails full of mind tips, mental tricks, and positive ideas so that you can work, play, love, live, better - yes, please! All in our weekly newsletter to support you from the inside out.

And to give you a "head start" you'll receive a FREE one-week daily series called "Week of Calm: Seven Days to Subconscious Success" with practical experiences, videos and new ways of thinking to guide you to a better place! Join us today.

Located in the DFW area?

We have a limited number of in-office visits at the Therapy Space in Plano. We are booking single sessions that can be embraced into packages you decide on. Will be great to see you in person.

Need More Help in Deciding?

The easiest way to contact me is to drop a quick note by email. Or set up a free 15-minute consultation to see that we're a good fit and the discuss the type of series that may support you best right now.

We've got a Package to Suit Your Needs!

open a window to changes you want

    Foundations for Change

  • 4 session package

  • The foundations for change package gives you a quick start, or a restart, to creating transformation in an area of your life that you feel needs changing.

    This 4, one-hour, session package, spaced 2 weeks apart gives your subconscious the chance to unlearn patterns that aren’t working, and build from a better set of suggestions that are more in line with what you want and need now, and into the future.



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    Monthly Mental "Massage"

  • 12 session package

  • Give yourself the gift of self-care. Just like other regular upkeep, you brain and mind health care is important for you and helping you to function at peak in all aspects of your life. Whether it is a long-term goal, or a number of different issues you'd like to work on, having hypnosis at hand throughout the year will help to make it your best year yet!

    Packages are good for one year from first appointment.



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    "Quarantine 15" Weight Loss/Release

  • 5 session package

  • The last years have been a challenge, amplifying issues much more. Weight is one of those and it's time to get back control of your body and life. Our 5 sessions span over 4 weeks, giving you a firm foundation to review old habits and create new patterns, looking at yourself, food and movement differently, and helping you to control the stress that weight may be adding to your life. Start feeling healthy and energized.



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stop smoking for life!

    Stop Smoking with Hypnosis

  • 2 session package

  • If you’re ready to stop smoking, this is the way to do it. Even if you’ve failed in the past, hypnosis is one of the most powerful and easiest ways to quit. I’ve worked with hundreds of clients to become healthy, successful non-smokers for life. The package includes one one-and-a-half hour session and a follow up session spaced within a week. Most people stop completely after the first session and we use the second to reinforce the positive change, or clear out any barriers to being smoke free so you can take back control over your life. This works for vaping, chewing, tobacco or other. With all the costs of smoking, you can’t afford to wait – your health, wallet and future will thank you.



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Create your best year yet

    Best Year Yet!

  • 24 session package

  • Start your best year yet, right now. You don't have to wait for the calendar to give yourself the present and presence of positive change. This is a package for people who are serious about making shifts in their lives. Our 24 session package allows for 2 sessions a month, giving you time and support to tackle many of the challenges that may be holding them back in their live - personally, professionally, relationship- or health-wise or any other areas that need attention. Using the deeper parts of mind can support your mental, physical and emotional health, so that this year (whenever you start) begins your best year yet! Packages are good for one year from first appointment



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    Post-Pandemic Stress Buster

  • 3 session package

  • The pandemic has been tough for many of us. Fortunately, while stress tends to make things worse, hypnosis tends to make better! This three-session package focuses on the key aspect of "pandemic-time" that is weighing on you most - stopping you from doing, being and feeling good, giving you some fundamental mind tools you can take out into the world, no matter what comes next. This is a great time to give yourself the gift of a calm, focus... whatever you need right now. 

    If you are working in the frontline of the pandemic, in medical or educational institution, thank you. Contact me about an additional discount.



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Because support is what you need!

    Menopause Support

  • 6 session package

  • Menopause and the symptoms you experience often adds stress to our mental, emotional and physical wellbeing (to put it lightly!) Add to that the pandemics on top of ALL the rest you need to deal with, and it creates the perfect storm for physical discomfort, mental fog or distraction, and an emotional rollercoaster. Pause. Breathe. Breathe again. And let us help. Working with the subconscious mind has helped many women with sleep, mood, body/system alignment and much more. This series allows for you to support and shift the most key issues you're facing at the moment. Our 6 sessions span over 8 weeks, giving you time for yourself and to establish new internal patterns and deep support from the inside out. This is a great time to give yourself the gift of calm, clarity and centeredness.



You Save over 35%

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    Single Online Session

  • 1 session

  • Want to "try" hypnosis out, or there's a particular issue you'd like one session to focus on? Great. 

    Stop 'bad' habits, move through challenging emotions, improve relationships, enhance performance or just get a mental massage with a private one-to-one online hypnosis session with Jennifer in the comfort of your own home or office via Zoom. First sessions may be slightly longer as we get to know each other. If you're a returning client, welcome back - the past couple years have challenged most people - it's great to get a bit of a 'reboot' for the next chapter of your life!

    Cost of session can be integrated into packages if you choose to add sessions after this single one.



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    In-Office Session: Plano

  • 1 session

  • After the past few years, sometimes it feels good to be in the same place as another human being! Come to the calming Therapy Space at 1820 Preston Park Blvd in Plano to have your session "live" with Jennifer.

    Whether it is stopping or starting a habit, supporting yourself after a tough period of your life, or ready to make the most of your skills and talents for the future, hypnosis is there to help you, from the inside out.

    We'll send specific information you need to prepare for you session before we meet up.

    Office hours are on Tuesdays only. 

    Part of the first in-office session can be used to offset a package price (either in person or online)


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Need Calm Now?

The pandemic has been hard for many people, so give yourself the gift of 6 minutes of calm to settle you and help you feel better, right away.

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If you want more support and ideas, our weekly newsletter has loads of tips and shortcuts to access the best parts of you to support you in living the life you want.

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