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Interested in Exploring the Power of Hypnosis but don't know where to start?

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Most people come to hypnosis because nothing else has worked. Or someone they know "magically" changed something in their life this way. Or maybe it was even the movies or TV that peaked your interest in hypnosis...

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I came in as a skeptic, thinking "Why not - it could be fun" and it's since evolved into more of a practice. We spend so much money and time trying to buy happiness or performance - but the problem with consumption is that it can never be satisfied. What Jennifer offers is the opportunity to switch from consumer to creator - the creator of your own reality.

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What's hypnosis good for?

People come to consulting hypnotist for a variety of issues. Some of the most popular services that I deal with are: Behavior/habit change (weight loss, stop smoking, alcohol control, nail biting, disorganization etc.) | Stress Reduction (sleep, constant worry, despair, panic, chronic physical reactions) | Learning (memory, test taking, spelling, mental blocks etc.) | Emotional Challenges (anger, sadness, jealousy, grief, frustration) | Work (success, focus, job change, creativity, teamwork) | Fears (flying, heights, public speaking etc.) | Relationships (trust/repair, children, aging parents, friendships, sexual issues etc.) | Sports/Health (fitness, confidence, skills development, concentration, competition, motivation) | Corporate/Executive Services | Pandemic-related Issues (social reintegration, grief, ‘lost’ time, family issues, stress, support with long-COVID symptoms) and more

Issues that are medically related (pain, chronic, migraines, arthritis/joint pain, healing, skin conditions) require a medical professional’s referral – hypnosis works with the medical community, not against it.

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Hypnosis tends to be best for...

  • People who know they want change in their lives, even if they don't know how, or have been unsuccessful in making a change in the past. An internal drive to change makes the process much easier.

  • People of normal or higher intelligence. You'll need to follow simple instructions and and be able to work in the team of client and hypnotist - deciding on the goals that suit you best

  • People who can imagine or who may be able to get in touch with emotions. Both of those reside in the subconscious (remember, to imagine, you don't have the SEE anything), so access to these skills makes the work even easier 

  • OR

  • People who are analytical and rational. We work quickly to make changes that part of the mind hasn't yet sorted out. Once you've figured out how much time and energy you can save with change, it becomes really easy.

  • All ages - we work successfully with children (or with parents to help their children at home) and adults throughout the decades - as your needs change, hypnosis can help in your new stages of life

  • People who have tried (just about) everything else! Hypnosis tends to use the part of the mind other change agents don't. No willpower? No problem. Your subconscious can make shifts easily with the right approaches

Hypnosis tends to be less successful for...

  • People who don't want to change! Whether you've been "forced" to make changes by someone else, or you're just trying to prove that you're unchangeable (which we don't agree), coming to a session not wanting to be there is a sure way to stay where you are now. 

  • People who are unable or unwilling to follow simple instructions. If someone was giving you important directions to help you get to a destination, you'd probably listen. This is just the same. The suggestions that we make are for YOUR greatest good, so not listening doesn't help you along the path to positive change.

  • People who are still afraid of hypnosis or who have questions unanswered. They used to believe that only 5-20% of people could be hypnotized, but with information that number went way, way up! So if you have any questions or concerns, contact us - we're here to help

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Can We Help? 

For most people, the biggest question is whether they can be hypnotized. Most people don't realize that they are in a state like hypnosis many times a day, and our job in more to "dehypnotize", rather than hypnotize. Which means that we help people remove negative programming, limiting thoughts and erroneous beliefs that have become automatic.

In general, working with the subconscious mind can help many issues on a deeper level, working quickly and permanently. Whatever stress tends to make worse, hypnosis tends to make better. We work with you as a team (not ever a struggle for power - it's yours and it's within you!) - you are the key player in your own transformative journey. We love what we do and we're here to help!For 

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