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Jennifer Norris-Nielsen: Helping you make positive changes!

About Jennifer

But more about YOU!

Hello, I'm Jennifer Norris-Nielsen.

I have owned Grey Matter Network LLC for over 20 years, helping thousands and thousands of people make the positives shifts they want in their lives through hypnotic and subconscious work.

This simply means that I'm committed to helping you and that hypnosis works! It also means that I've worked with a variety of different people from different backgrounds, cultures and histories, with a wide span of different issues.

While you are unique, you aren't alone!

There are many people who have been struggling who have found relief through hypnosis.

I have a Masters in Counselling and realize that not all therapeutic approaches work for all people. If you been trying to change but haven't experienced success in the past, maybe you need a different perspective through the subconscious.

When we help bypass the rationalizing mind, many well-worn patterns seem to fall away easily. 

I'm a Certified Instructor with the National Guild of Hypnotists and Board Certified, so I'm committed to improving the profession no matter who you see.

If you're interested in adding subconscious power to helping others in your work or life, I'm happy to share my expertise with our professional courses.

My specialties, books and videos just show how excited I am to help people apply their own mind power to help them work, play, love, live... better!

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More about different options for change:

private hypnosis sessions

Private Sessions / Mentoring

One-to-one sessions with Jennifer provide you with personal and focused time to shift unhelpful beliefs, work through personal and relationship challenges, emotional setbacks, or to enhance performance and wellbeing in various aspects of life. 

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groups classes and hypnosis resources

Classes / Books / Audios

You are not alone! People like you are facing difficulties that can be resolved with the subconscious mind. Our live, online and packaged classes, books and audios give you the tools you need to release what you don't want, and launch or enhance what you DO want, on your own or with others!

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free resources articles

Articles / Free Resources

We are always aiming to provide you with information and education that supports you in your positive change journey. Find out more ways to harness the power of your mind, and source our articles and podcasts by Jennifer for tips on how to work, play. love, live... better!

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Don't take our word for it - clients share their successes!

Just wanted to thank you very much for your help in my “stop smoking” campaign. It has now been more than two weeks, and I haven’t touched a cigarette since our second session. I have tried twice in the past six months to give up, and have experienced the cravings and withdrawal symptoms – but this time it has been remarkably easy. I felt very pleased when I watched a man light up and thought “thank goodness I’m a non smoker”.

stop smoking


It has taken me a little time as I wanted to have some Migraine free time to enjoy and reflect. I cam to you with an open mind after trying everything for Migraine including prescription drugs which I had to carry with me. Since having hypnotherapy with you I have not had a single migraine……. Its that simple! Any true migraine sufferer should not wait until they feel life is ruled by a regular attack, they should try hypnosis first and enjoy the feeling of being in control again without the fear of symptoms.

migraine relief


I had a wonderful experience. Are no other words to explain the intense emotional roller coaster that helped me identify and plug the holes in my being. Through our hypnotherapy sessions, I was able to understand and identify my issues. I know now what happened in my own past. These sessions helped me overcome the areas that were controlling my emotional upheaval. You gave me back ‘myself’.

letting go of the past


Need Calm Now?

The pandemic has been hard for many people, so give yourself the gift of 6 minutes of calm to settle you and help you feel better, right away.

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Work. Play. Love. Live. Better. We love what we do and we're here to help!