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You've wanted to start or stop a habit, handle emotional stress with greater ease, heal a difficult past or relationship, deal with a troubled world, perform better, feel healthier, get balanced, and write a more fulfilling new chapter of your life...

But. Nothing seems to work. You try and try, and still can't make change stick.

It's not you. It's your mind.

Patterns, beliefs and feelings are established in your subconscious mind. Yet we try to consciously shift - which leads to disappointment or failure. When you work with the subconscious mind (using hypnosis), change becomes easier, faster and more lasting. So you can feel free to work, play, love, live... better.

Ways we support you:

private hypnosis sessions

Private Sessions / Mentoring

One-to-one sessions with Jennifer provide you with personal and focused time to shift unhelpful beliefs, work through personal and relationship challenges, emotional setbacks, or to enhance performance and wellbeing in various aspects of life. 

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groups classes and hypnosis resources

Classes / Books / Audios

You are not alone! People like you are facing difficulties that can be resolved with the subconscious mind. Our live, online and packaged classes, books and audios give you the tools you need to release what you don't want, and launch or enhance what you DO want, on your own or with others!

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free resources articles

Articles / Free Resources

We are always aiming to provide you with information and education that supports you in your positive change journey. Find out more ways to harness the power of your mind, and source our articles and podcasts by Jennifer for tips on how to work, play. love, live... better!

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Does Hypnosis work?

Really most people want to know the answer to the REAL question. "Will Hypnosis work for ME?"

While every individual and issue is different, we all share something in common - our subconscious minds. Hypnosis uses your deep and powerful inner power to make changes you want and need in your life. We want you to succeed so we use the tools that can make quick and lasting shifts for good.

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Client-focused change agent, mind-coach, teacher...

Jennifer Norris-Nielsen has been supporting deep and powerful shifts with clients and groups for over 20 years. Her supportive and honest approach to change helps people transform themselves using their own powerful subconscious mind.

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Jennifer Norris-Nielsen Master Hypnotist

Excited about change? Our clients are!


Whether or not you believe in Hypnosis - Jennifer gives the opportunity, space and expertise for you to dive deep into your own mind and confront reality as you perceive it - with an opportunity to tweak, refine and resolve as you see fit.

- Benjamin Wong,

I have benefitted greatly from your help – over a decade ago when I had to overcome a major setback, and again in my current season of change.

In every session, you have unfailingly found the right approach and an effective angle for my subconscious mind to unlock memories, images and “out of the blue” insights after my usual walled-up self is deeply relaxed. This has allowed us to work with my inner self to reveal recurring patterns, heal emotional wounds and ultimately direct the best course to follow.

I also deeply appreciate your genuine care for what I’ve been going through.

I am truly grateful for your giftedness as a therapist, thank you for enabling my personal growth and transformation.

- Pamela P

Free from fear... to jump

OH MY GOSH, I CAN’T EVEN TELL YOU!!!! I have been riding and jumping and my fear is GONE! I can’t believe it!!! And it’s like I’m riding a totally different horse. He’s so much quieter and we’re connecting so beautifully!!! 

- Audrey S

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Your Top Hypnosis Questions Answered

How can hypnosis help?

Hypnotherapy allows people to remove any internal limiting beliefs or personal barriers, through the power of the subconscious mind. In turn, this allows them to draw on and improve their personal strengths to reach their true potential. 

People come to hypnotherapists for a variety of issues. Some of the most popular services that I deal with are:

Behavior/habit change (weight loss, stop smoking, alcohol control, nail biting, disorganization etc.)

Stress Reduction (sleep, constant worry, despair, panic, chronic physical reactions)

Learning (memory, test taking, spelling, mental blocks etc.)

Emotional Challenges (anger, sadness, jealousy, grief, frustration)

Work (success, focus, job change, creativity, working with others)

Fears (flying, heights, public speaking etc.)

Relationships (trust/repair, children, aging parents, friendships etc.) 

Sports/Health (fitness, confidence, skills development, concentration, competition, motivation)

Sexual Issues

Corporate/Executive Services

Pandemic-related Issues (social reintegration, grief, ‘lost’ time, family issues, stress, support with long-COVID symptoms) and more

Issues that are medically related (pain, chronic, migraines, arthritis/joint pain, surgery recovery, healing, skin conditions) require a medical professional’s referral – hypnosis works with the medical community, not against it.

Is hypnosis mind control?

No. And Yes... but just say no to “yes Master”...

The hypnotic client is completely in control. A hypnotherapist is only a trained guide (like an elite athlete’s coach). You will reject anything that you find immoral or wrong on any level of your mind. You can’t be made to do anything you don’t want to do. While stage hypnotists do things for entertainment, most people who attend are expecting this entertainment and may be open to suggestions of ‘letting go’. However, if your mind ever thought you would be in danger, it would reject all suggestions immediately.

Consulting Hypnotists have a stringent code of ethics and follow it in all sessions. The changes you are “made” to do are changes that you choose to do – the therapist and client work together towards the same goal.

Anyone of normal or higher intelligence can be hypnotized, anyone who is willing and able to follow instructions. Each person reading this article has been hypnotized before – daydreaming? Hypnotized (hypnosis is focused concentration – you were focused on your own little world). Watched a movie and wanted the leads to get together or the villain to lose? Hypnotized (they are just actors and actresses). It happens naturally throughout the day for each one of us.

Hypnosis merely allows us to bypass the critical factor (the bouncer or guard dog) of the mind, to allow constructive, helpful, positive, and self-supporting suggestions to get into the deepest part of the mind, so we can think, feel and be better. With hypnosis you're better able to control your own mind, so in that way, it's the best type of mind control!

Can I be too smart / rational / stubborn / in control to be hypnotized? How will I know if it works for me?

Hypnosis is actually self hypnosis, so you can always choose NOT to be hypnotized, but if you want the changes you need in your life, it's the fastest and easiest way of getting there. The hypnotist isn't "doing" hypnosis on you, you are working with your hypnotist (like a coach and an elite athlete) as a team or a ballroom dancing couple.

Over 20 years and thousands of clients, I have found that people who are smart tend to be the best clients once they figure out how good they can feel and how much time they'll save changing patterns that aren't working anymore!

Because hypnosis works on the 'being' and 'feeling' part of the mind (rather than the 'doing') change feels natural, because who your 'are' and how you feel shifts. Often others will notice before you do - because it's so automatic.

How long is the process and what can I expect?

Hypnosis is considered "brief" therapy, because it isn't dealing primarily with the rational (and rationalizing) conscious mind, we can get to the habitual or emotional root of the problem - located in the subconscious - much more quickly. While 4 to 6 sessions may be a reasonable time frame for dealing with many issues, some take less (stop smoking in 2!) Other clients prefer to have a "mental massage" on a regular basis to check in with challenges and keep up their mental, physical and emotional health.

Expectations are important in the process of change. While hypnosis is not a ‘magic wand’, it sometimes feels like it. By removing self-limiting beliefs and developing and enhancing strengths, hypnosis clients can live at peak performance with greater well-being.

All sessions are confidential. However, many people see the role of a hypnotherapist as a personal trainer for their minds and share their experiences and triumphs with family, friends and colleagues.

Who can be hypnotized?

Anyone who wants to make a change, for the better, in his or her life responds well to hypnosis. It’s really that simple. Because people go in and out of hypnosis regularly, most people are well experienced. I’ve worked with clients from 6 to over 60. Most people respond deeply and beautifully to hypnosis once erroneous concepts and beliefs about the process are cleared.

While children are in and out of hypnosis most of the time (little mental sponges), adults also flow in and out of this state naturally as well – believing what we and others say about who we are and what we can do is an example of our taking in suggestions all the time. While some can be helpful, many can hurt us - hypnosis can revise and replace those suggestions for more helpful and positive ones.

Are there any side effects to hypnosis?

Yes. Usually people who have gone through the hypnosis process experience better quality sleep, higher self-confidence and an ability to deal with the ups and downs of life, and improved relationships with others and themselves.

The worst thing that could happen is that the client experiences little or no change. This is rare unless someone comes with the expectation or wish to fail to ‘prove’ someone else wrong, or put in a quick ‘try’ to satisfy others for something that they didn’t want to change in the first place.

External influence, rather than internal desire for change will create an uphill battle for both client and therapist. But if you WANT to make a positive change in your life, you can put your own powerful mind to work - for better!

Not too long ago, studies believed that only 5% to 20% of the population could be hypnotized. They later found that with information and understanding, the numbers went way, way up. We want you to succeed, so we're happy to answer your questions. If you have any more specific questions, please send us an email, or make a free 15-minute booking with Jennifer to see if subconscious power change is the right fit for you.

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