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What you're doing may not be working...

6 Signs that Hypnosis May be Right for YOU

There are some very good reasons why you've come to this page.

Many of our very successful clients came with the same concerns about change before they began...

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You’re smart, but you can’t THINK your way out of it

You wouldn’t have come to this page if you didn’t have curiosity and drive for change. So you’re smart. The challenge comes when you’ve exhausted all the research, all the rationalizations, all the review of the past choices and circumstances.

Those (rather exhausting) ventures are in the conscious mind. The part that has to juggle all the items on the long list of life. But isn’t it interesting, when you’re in the grocery store or shops and your mental list is short an item or two, all you have to do is close your eyes and imagine the kitchen, or even writing the list that’s still on the counter, and you’ve recalled the items again. You’ve just witnessed the subconscious taking over.

Ever forgotten the name of someone at a party? You think and think and still can’t work it out. Then you stop trying to work it out and… POP! There it is (or it comes to you later when you’re really not thinking about it!) Again, the subconscious mind.

Hypnosis works with the deeper, long-term and automatic part of your mind. So if you haven’t been able to figure a way out of the challenges in your life, or are stumped as to how to get where you want to go (rather than plan for where you want to go), this is the way to do it. I deal with smart people who just need a little support – from the inside out! Ready? Schedule a free 15-minute strategy session or discover the packages that might work to get you where you wish to be, now!

Overthinking is in the conscious mind
Falling back into old habits

You change for a while, but when you aren’t focused on it, you fall back into “bad” habits

In the race of life, the conscious mind is the sprinter, and the subconscious mind is the marathoner. Which just means that your “resolutions” to change are made with the conscious mind, and as long as you keep it in mind, you’re fine. It’s the thinking and doing part of the mind.

But the long distance is run by the subconscious. It’s when you automatically think, feel or do things in a way – and just as you can implant habits that aren’t working for you any more (you might know them as “bad” habits), you can also replace them with automatic patterns that do work for you now – and into the future. The subconscious is the feeling and the being mind. When you feel differently, and ARE different, then everything feel much easier and longer lasting.

So for shifts to help you in the long journey of life, hypnosis goes the distance. Ready, set, GO! Schedule a free 15-minute strategy session or discover the packages that might work to get you where you wish to be, now!

Positive thinking helps most of the time, but when your emotions kick in, forget about it!

“If I can just think positively about all the (crummy) things in my life, they won’t bother me… until they do!” We are often told to put aside negative feelings to look at the “bright side”, but then we feel badly when we can’t muster the strength to do it any more or, possibly, it seems to get even worse!

Hypnosis deals with the subconscious mind, which is also the emotional mind – it’s where they are stored. And emotions, while they may FEEL bad, are simply trying to tell us something. Like a little kid pulling at an adults clothes to get their attention. But we tend to ignore them, or push them down, and down, and down… but they still aren’t heard and tend to keep coming back to our attention. And the more we stuff them down, the more it’s like an overstuffed closet or suitcase – some day it’s going to burst open (often at the most convenient times).

We speak the subconscious, so we speak emotions. And once you discover the reasons for feelings and can deeply shift the inner emotional landscape, you’ll be free from trying to think about the bright side – you’ll be on it! So if emotions, stress or the stress of emotions have been holding you back, hypnosis is the way to get the information and insight you need to move through them. Ready, set, FEEL! Schedule a free 15-minute strategy session or discover the packages that might work to get you where you wish to be, now!

positive thinking only goes so far
the mind doesn't hear DON'T

You’re getting more of what you DON’T want

The mind doesn’t actually ‘hear’ DON’T. Have you ever told someone (especially curious or little people) “Don’t touch” and then they just can’t help themselves? Try NOT to imagine a flower… maybe for a second the though, image or idea of a flower popped up (daisy, rose, lotus, bunch, single?) – the mind works in imagery that way. It can’t see something that isn’t there. So when you say over and over “I don’t want to be stressed”, the mind just hears “stressed”! And the more you talk about what you don’t want, the more these ideas get intrenched in the mind.

When you work with the deeper subconscious mind with hypnosis, we support your inner imagination, so that you can go from “stressed” to “calm, centered and in control” or whatever you really want. The subconscious can shift your inner “normal” to something that works for you, supports you, and helps you get to where you want to go. Get what you DO want in your life! Schedule a free 15-minute strategy session or discover the packages that might work to get you where you wish to be, now!

You’ve been here before…

It sometimes feels like you’re having déjà vu, all over again! Often after something happens that you don’t want (extra weight, troubled relationship, angry at the wrong people and more), you realize that it’s not the first time – and you might even feel powerless to change the pattern.

The subconscious mind works like this – when you hear an oldie-but-goodie song on the radio, you might instantly move through time and space to a time when you first heard it, or danced to it… the subconscious works by association. The great news is that when we work with the subconscious mind through hypnosis, those associations and connections can be shifted to something that’s more helpful in your life. Instead of playing the old, hurtful song over and over again with no change of tune from the inside, we can scratch the looping record and pick a new playlist. So the song that made your heart heavy can now just be another song, or even one that might make your heart sing.

The subconscious loves repetition, loves repetition. So if you’re ready to stop repeat old patterns and start a new playlist, today is the best day to do it! New track… Schedule a free 15-minute strategy session or discover the packages that might work to get you where you wish to be, now!

you keep going back to the same issues
you have to deal with life, not therapy

Changing feels too hard, too fragile

You don’t have time for years of therapy, for homework and hard work and pushing your challenges up a steep hill… We get it. While it is true that “with great power (change), comes great responsibility” it doesn’t have to be painful or precarious. The conscious mind, where we often try to change, likes to be right and puts up some good arguments for why we do what we do – and that often take a long time to get to the root of the issue.

When you work with a consulting hypnotist (like a fabulous ballroom dancing couple), you can get the steps right, right away. The subconscious mind can change very quickly and permanently, which means that hypnosis is “brief” therapy. Many clients shift major issues in their lives with only four to six sessions (stop smoking in 2!) – our goal is to make ourselves obsolescent as quickly and effectively as possible. All hypnosis is self-hypnosis so YOU make the changes, and your deeper part of mind revises thoughts, feelings and patterns to align with your life right now. You may be surprised at how quickly things change for the better. And while you might feel a bit exasperated that you didn’t try hypnosis sooner, remember: The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago, the second best time is today!

So if you’ve experienced failure in change and don’t want the weight/wait of doing it on your own, we’re here to help. Plant the first seed. Schedule a free 15-minute strategy session or discover the packages that might work to get you where you wish to be, now!

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